⌈Merry Time Toy⌋

Cardboard toy store great perfect for birthday parties, sleepovers, and family gatherings.
Encourages social learning and cooperative play among children.

The paper surface can be painted and drawn with any type of paints.

EASY ASSEMBLY AND STORAGE: Instructions are easy to follow. No glue or tape is required,
making cleanup quick and easy too.
STURDY AND SAFE: Specially made with high strength 3-layer paperboard providing high durability. Cut by waving knives to reduce the edge sharpness.
ROOMY INDOOR PLAYHOUSE: Large play space inside allowing 3-4 children to join with
windows and operational doors.

be a part of your child’s memorable time

ของเล่นกระดาษ Our classic paper toy designed for your kids that dad and mom can share merry time with them.